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Important Abbrevations


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HE His (or Her) Eminence; His (or Her) Excellency.
HM His (or Her) Majesty.
IA-ECOSOC Inter-American Economic and Social Council.
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency.
IAFP Inter-American Forces of Peace.
IANEC Inter-Americn Nuclear Energy Commission.
IARA Inter-Allied Reparation Agency.
IATA International Air Transport Association.
IBD Inter-American Development Bank.
IBEC International Bank for Economic Co-operation.
IBM International Business Machines Corporation.
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
ICA International Communication Agency.
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization.
ICBM Inter-Continental-Ballistic Missiles.
ICC International Chamber of Commerce.
ICCS International Commissions for Control and Supervision.
ICFTU International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.
ICJ International Court of Justice.
ICSID International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.
IDA International Development Association.
IDS International Development Strategy.
IFAD International Fund of Agricultural Development.
IFC International Finance Corporation.
IFCTU International Federation of Chrisian Trade Unions.
IGAT Iranian Gas Trunkline.
IIB International Investment Bank.
ILO International Labour Organization.
IMF International Monetary Fund.
IMO International Meteorological Organization.
IMO International Maritime Organization.
IMT International Military Tribunal.
INCB International Narcotics Control Board.
INCIDI Institute of Differing Civilization.
INFOTERM International Information Centre for Technology.
INIS International Nuclear Information System.
INMARSAT Intrernational Maritime Satellite Organization.
INSTRAW International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women.
INTERAMPOL Inter-American Police.
INTERCOSMOS International Space Exploration Program.
INTERFLORA International Organization for Flowers'Deliveries.
INTERLAINE Committee for the Wool Industries.
INTERLIGHTER International Interland Shipping Enterprise.
INTERMETAL International Organization for Co-operation in the Iron and Steel Industry.
INTERVISION International Television Organization.
IOB Inter-Organization Information Board.
IPDC International Program for the Development of Communication.
IPL Information Processing Language.
IPU Inter-Parliamentary Union.
IRA Irish Republican Army.
ISBN International Standard Book Number.
ITO International Trade Organization.
ITU International Telecommunication Union.
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