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Library Rules

1The Library is primarily intended for the official use of the Officers and staff of the Ministry of External Affairs
2The library is an open access library. However, under special circumstances, certain section(s) of the library may be declared as closed stacks.
3Reference works e.g., Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Year Books, Periodicals, Press Clippings, Fragile volumes and rare and old publications are available only for consultation within the library, and will not be loaned out.
4Research scholars could come and consult the library with the prior permission of the Director (Lib & Inf).
5Books may be issued
  1. To the officers and staff of the Ministry on filling up of Membership Form PDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site.; and
  1. To those who are given borrowing privileges in special cases e.g., books would be issued to retired officials of this Ministry, if he/she brings Pensioner's Identity Card issued by the Pension Section of the MEA or Office Order of his retirement and submits Membership Form PDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site. for Retired Officials duly filled in with two stamp size photographs [if MEA Library Identity Card is desired]. Not more than two books at a time are issued to retired officers who are Members of the Library and normally reside in or around Delhi;
  1. To any other Library of the Ministry/Department of the Government of India/Autonomous body/Reputed Institution in or around Delhi on inter-library loan basis.
6Not more than 5 books will be issued to a borrower at a time and the total holdings of a borrower should not exceed 10 at any time. The number may exceed in special cases only on the approval of the Director (Lib & Inf) or divisional Head in-charge of the library.
7Normally a book is issued for one month. When a book is required for a longer period, the loan will be got renewed.
8Dictionaries, maps and other books required for frequent reference can be borrowed on a long term basis. Receipts for such books etc. shall be renewed after every six months.
9Books supplied on a long term or short term basis to a section will be issued in the name of the section officer concerned who will be responsible for their safe custody and return.
10Books issued against requisitions signed by PS or PA of an officer will be considered as issued to the PS or PA concerned and the responsibility for the return of the books etc. shall rest with such PS or PA unless his receipt is replaced by one signed by the officer on whose behalf the book was borrowed.
11Borrowers must return the books before proceeding on long leave or transfer.
12Reminders for the return of over-due book etc. are usually sent as soon as they are due, though this is not obligatory. In case the book is not returned with in a period of 3 months from the date the book became due, the matter will be brought to the notice of the competent authority for necessary action. In case the book still remains outstanding, the matter shall be referred to the administration for the recovery of the price of the book
13Publication(s) may be recalled before the due date of return without giving any reason.
14Borrowers are expected to keep the book in good condition. Dogearing the pages of a book, marking or scribbling therein with a pen or pencil, tearing or taking out pages or otherwise spoiling the book will amount to causing damage to the book.
15Borrowers are advised to check the books carefully for defects, if any, before getting them issued and bring them to the notice of the circulation in charge.
16Only in special circumstances the books which are not available in MEA Library, could be borrowed on inter-library loan basis for short periods say a week/ or two weeks only.
17If a borrower losses or damages any book issued to him, it will have to be replaced by a new book of the same or later edition at his cost.
18The price of rare/out of print/unobtainable books will be determined by the competent authority and it shall be paid by the person responsible for loss or damage of the book.
19If a volume of a set is lost or damaged, the price of the whole set will be charged, unless the volume of the edition lost can be obtained separately in which case the cost of the particular volume alone will be recovered.
20No Demand Certificate will be issued on return of all publications borrowed by a person when he retires or is transferred.
21Administrative Section(s) will ensure that a person on retirement or proceeding on transfer produces a No Demand Certificate from the MEA Library.
22Readers visiting the Library shall place their belongings with the janitor on duty or in the place provided for the purpose.


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