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Archival Databases

Keessing's World News Archive

Keesing's was founded in 1931 with the intention of creating a lasting archive of original, accurate, and objective articles on the world's political, social, and economic events. Keesings team of experienced news writers and editors (based in Cambridge, UK) create a series of concise, clear articles which are published every month, providing readers with a digestible but detailed summary of global news.

Since 1931 Keesing’s has collected news reports on a daily basis from all over the world in a wide range of languages. These constitute a concise, accurate and unbiased account of important developments in each of the world’s countries, major international organizations and within selected thematic topics.

The archive of over 100,000 articles includes coverage of:

  • Elections and changes of government in every country
  • Social issues such as immigration and asylum
  • Wars, treatises, and diplomacy
  • Terrorism and issues of internal security
  • Legislation, budgets, economic developments, and international agreements
  • Natural disasters, environmental issues, and scientific discoveries

Keesing’s World News Archive also includes useful primary source material such as speeches and UN resolutions.
Special features:

  • A ‘Portfolio’ feature allows users to select and store articles, tag interesting information, and share tags with other users.
  • ‘Breaking History’ articles highlighting major stories worldwide. Coupled with corresponding timelines, these articles highlight connections between current events and modern history
  • Users can search by date or keyword, and filter results by country or person

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