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Jane's Online Database

Jane’s is the premier provider of global market, industry and technical information, analysis and expertise across virtually every level of any operation and enterprise. Jane's online services have a number of advantages over receiving different information in print. Stay abreast of the latest world and industry developments as they unfold –

Worldwide news and features:-
Market forecasts and trends
Country risk assessments
Equipment specifications
Daily news digests from 500+ international sources
Extensive coverage with exceptional usability

Interactive features for enhanced usability include: –
At least five years archive, often significantly more Analytical tools, graphs and dynamic charting for selected content
Reference content, analysis, images and video
Active interlinking for seamless navigation

Ministry of External Library is subscribing following Jane’s Online Services. Library Users can start his/her research by entering a keyword search above or by selecting a subject area from Services given below:
Country Risk Daily Report, Defence Industry, Defence Weekly, Defence: News Module, Intelligence Review, Intelligence Weekly, International DefenceReview,Islamic Affairs Analyst
Land Warfare Platforms: Artillery & Air Defence, Missiles and Rockets, Navy International

Security: News Module, Sentinel Security Assessment – China & Northeast Asia, Sentinel Security Assessment – South Asia, Terrorism & Insurgency Monitor, Terrorism Watch Report
World Insurgency & Terrorism

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