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India: Bilateral Treaties and Agreements including Joint Declarations: 18 vols. (Set) Edited by Dr. Satendra Singh Dhaka, Director (Lib & Inf), Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi: Published by Standard Publishers (India), New Delhi

India Bilateral Treaties and Agreements including  Joint Declarations, Statements  Communique/ By India, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India is a historical and monumental document covering India’s relations with the world since 1947 spread over about 10000 pages in 18 volumes.  Scholars all over the world have been seriously engaged in a study of India’s relations with the world. Non-availability of authentic literature remained great hurdle in the path of their research work. The contents of this work are thematically classified and chronologically arranged. The editor provides a scholarly and lengthy introduction that puts the subject and the related documents in a proper historical perspective.

The Contents at the beginning of each volume indicate date, country, subject and the respective page number of the text where it is mentioned. A detailed country index and subject index are also given at the end of each volume to facilitate the readers. The series will continue as annual or biennial volumes.

These volumes will be most useful for the academicians, government officials, research scholars, policy planners, industrialists, company executives and all those who are interested in the field of international relations in general and India’s bilateral relations in particular.

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